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Millerite Tears MUG, Left hand

Aardvark Tees

Millerite Tears MUG, Left hand


The Aardvark has a fondness for collecting aberrant doctrines for fun.  One of the oddest comes from the Millerite Movement of the mid-19th century. William Miller developed an understanding of the Return of Jesus Christ, based upon novel interpretations of prophecies in Ezekiel and Daniel. He 'determined' that Jesus would return between 1843 and 1844.

As Jesus had the effrontery to not return at that time, the ultimate 1844 date became known as the 'Great Disappointment'. People shed  bitter tears, due to having followed a theological crank.

Setting a time for the return of Christ, and Miller's adoption of the Irvingite "rapture" doctrine, show his aberrant teaching, which shipwrecked the faith of many.

Our Millerite Tears coffee mugs are lovingly designed by Hannah, and commemorate the Disappointment in her own salty way.

This mug is "left hand" so that your friends may admire the design as you quaff your preferred hot beverage. (Hot tea is acceptable, as well as coffee and hot cocoa. If you insist on mugs of cold milk, we shan't excommunicate you. Yet.)

We feature Forge Coffee Roasters blends, as they are toothsome!

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