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I Survived COVID 19

Aardvark Tees

I Survived COVID 19


The '50s sure whined a lot. Giant ants, giant tarantulas, giant locusts, giant praying mantids.

50-foot Women. Atomically-shrunken men. Flying saucer threats.

Your Aardvark pauses to yawn.

They have NOTHING on the 2020s. We have a horror all of 100 nanometers big on average.


The SARS-CoV-2 virus, popularly called COVID-19, or Corona-chan, has laid waste to Western Civilisation.
(Actually, it's the governmental reactions that have done the waste-laying, but that would be a different t-shirt....)

Our happy design echoes the fears of the '50s, compared to the things WE have to survive seven decades after.

Durably sublimation-printed on a soft light grey 100% polyester tee, this will get you noticed, if anyone gets close enough to see it.


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