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z - Classic Aardvark Tees Grab Bag -- Women's Cut -- 5 for 35!


So Ian has been cleaning shop here at Aardvark, and in the process unearthed an ancient cache of women's cut shirts from the depths of the Aardchive (hah!) Some of these are, suffice to say, pretty old (late 20-aughts to early 2010s!). But he was astonished by the condition of the shirts. Despite a little shop dust, they looked fine! Whether you're a classic Aardvark fan, or a newbie who just stumbled across our corner of the internet, there's probably something anime, gaming, sci-fi, or pop-culture related in these bags for you.

So for a limited time only, and in VERY limited quantity, you can have a bag of 5 random designs in your size* shipped to your door. The image is but a sampling of the different designs; your bag may contain those, or other similar Aardvark Classics, and maybe one or two newer designs that are on their way out of our current lineup. Some of the shirts WILL have a bit of dust on them, but that will come out in the wash. We prefer if you wash them (always on cold, and drip-dry for longest wearability!) We don't know what detergents to which you might be allergic, so we'll leave that up to you.

*A note on sizing: the brands included may be Gildan, Anvil, Bella, AS Tees, etc. We went by the tag when making these bags, but each of the manufacturers make their cuts a little differently (these days, we use mostly Bella or Gildan, but these are mostly older.)

The styles are varied as well: you may receive some combination of fitted tees, v-necks, and spaghetti straps (unfortunately, we can't accommodate special requests, as our quantities are extremely limited.)

While we do have all size-variations listed at present, we have the following quantities:
Small: 2 bags
Medium: 1 bag
Large: 1 bag
XL: 1 bag
2XL: 1 bag.

These grab bags are first-come, first serve. Ian does his best to watch inventory, but due to the very limited quantities we have, any over-sales that sneak past his vigilant eye will be refunded UNLESS you specify an acceptable alternate size in your order!

Materials: cotton,polyester,blend

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