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Anime Fan - Sweatdrop Beanie - Nervous Aardvark Tees Classic

Anime Fan - Sweatdrop Beanie - Nervous Aardvark Tees Classic


Own a piece of Aardvark history! In doing shop work, one of the Aardvarks found a small cache of discontinued items. At first, he wanted to keep one to wear, but he always gets hat-hair and would have complained about it, so instead we said "No. Now, go list them online for sale."

We used to sell a bunch of these beanies at anime and gaming conventions in the mid-late 2000s, but somewhere along the way, they petered out. So we stopped. But apparently a few didn't end up in grab bags or donation bins, so we have THREE classic Aardvark sweat-drop beanies for sale (and we might find more...knowing our shop, we probably will.) They're stretchy, one-size-fits-most.

They're in great shape, might have a little shop-dust on them, but if you're an old-school Aardvark fan, you might have a fit of nostalgia and order one anyway. Or if you don't know us from Adam's cat and just want to show the world how nervous you'll be when senpai finally notices, this may be the beanie for you this winter...and in one of these hats, senpai *probably* will notice you...however our legal experts tell us that we absolutely under any circumstances CANNOT say that senpai will *definitely* notice. That made us sad.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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