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A - Yokai - Traditional Japanese Folklore T-Shirt - Full Color Tee

A - Yokai - Traditional Japanese Folklore T-Shirt - Full Color Tee

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Yokai are a huge part of Japanese folklore. Immortalised in tales told to children, and  manga and anime like Gegege no Kitaro, the myriad spirits and creatures haunting the world as yokai form a rich mythic tapestry.

Your Aardvark suspects that several are tales crafted to get children to clean their rooms, and take care of their stuff (if an item is abused or carelessly discarded, after 100 years it can return as a vengeful yokai. So, too a lovingly cared fore toy or item...after a century, it can appear as a benign yokai.)

We wanted to have a yokai design of our own, to commemorate this lore. Featuring art by Riatsila, our sublimated shirt features a kappa, the cucumber loving water-imp, the Kasa-obake, the one-legged umbrella spirit, and the Wanyūdō, that vengeful flaming wheel monk. Also assorted will-o'-the-wisp type souls.

Yokai are folklore that need to be remembered!

Printed in Full-Color Sublimation on our comfiest Ice Grey Cotton-feel Poly t-shirt.
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