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If This Shirt Looks Blue, You're Going Too Fast

If This Shirt Looks Blue, You're Going Too Fast

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Einstein was a brainy guy (we hold these truths to be self-evident...), though few realise his interest in pop-culture fashion.

His theory of relativity predicts that as you approach lightspeed, as you go toward an object, it will appear blue. As you pass the object, and leave it be hind, the light doppler-shifts to red. Voila! Velocichromic fashion was born!

Our shirt reflects this quirk of physics. Lightspeed is far above the speed limit in most countries, so if the shirt appears blue, well, this warning is very timely.

Our design is printed on Anvil 980 yummy soft cotton tees (4X-5X will be Gildan 2000). You'll be comfortable even with the fast crowd.

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